Terms and Conditions

By providing your card or bank information, you are representing that you are authorized to use this card or bank account for payments for rental deposits, rental payments, or any other services or transactions for services provided by a property manager, property owner or a party other than Yardi.  Any personal information provided by you in connection with the transaction will be stored by Yardi. You authorize Yardi to store your card or bank information after completion of the transaction, so that you may use it for future transactions or if you are enrolling in recurring payments, so that Yardi may process your recurring payments. You are responsible for keeping your card or bank information up to date. If your card or bank information changes, you agree to promptly update your information. Yardi will continue to store your card or bank information until you delete your information or you cancel recurring payments.  For more information about how we store and use your card, bank or other personal information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Applicable only in the United States (and not applicable in Canada): You expressly acknowledge that any payments made by you to a party other than Yardi (“Payee”), will be submitted to Yardi as a payment collection agent of the Payee, solely for the limited purpose of accepting and processing such payments. The delivery of the payment by you to Yardi, which acts as the limited payment collection agent of the Payee, shall satisfy your payment obligation to the Payee. Once such payment is received by Yardi on your behalf, you authorize Yardi to electronically credit the funds into the bank account designated by you (e.g., the bank account belonging to the Payee). In the event that Yardi does not properly remit any such payment amounts to the Payee, the Payee will only have recourse against Yardi and not you directly. Assuming you have tendered the proper amount of funds due to us, your payment obligation to the Payee is satisfied upon our receipt of the funds. There is no risk of loss to you if Yardi fails to remit the funds to the Payee.

Updated: January 28, 2022