Yardi Payments, LLC

Yardi Payments, LLC (NMLS # 1911824) is registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) as a Money Services Business (MSB) and is licensed in the following US jurisdictions:

JurisdictionLicenseLicense ID#Regulatory Agency
AlabamaMoney Transmitter License834Alabama Securities Department
AlaskaMoney Transmitter LicenseAKMT-014541Alaska Department of Commerce
ArizonaMoney Transmitter License1027343Arizona Department of Financial Institutions
ArkansasMoney Transmitter License124580Arkansas Securities Department
ColoradoMoney Transmitter License500317Colorado Department of Banking
ConnecticutMoney Transmission LicenseMT-1911824Connecticut Department of Banking
DelawareCheck Seller, Money Transmitter License31906Office of the State Bank Commissioner
District of ColumbiaMoney Transmitter LicenseMTR1911824Government of the District of Columbia
FloridaMoney Services Businesses Part IIFT230000292Florida Office of Financial Regulation
HawaiiMoney Transmitter LicenseHIMT128State of Hawaii Division of Financial Institutions
IdahoMoney TransmittersMTL-266Idaho Securities Bureau
IllinoisMoney Transmitter LicenseMT.0000393State of Illinois Department of Financial
IowaMoney Services License2020-0047State of Iowa Division of Banking
KansasMoney Transmitter LicenseMT.0000202Kansas Office of the State Bank Commissioner
KentuckyMoney Transmitter LicenseSC726662Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions
LouisianaMoney Transmitter License1911824Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions
MaineMoney Transmitter License NMT1995867Department of Professional and Financial Regulation
MarylandMoney Transmitter License1911824Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation
MichiganMoney Transmitter LicenseMT0023141Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
MinnesotaMoney Transmitter LicenseMN-MT-1911824Minnesota Department of Commerce
MississippiMoney Transmitter License1911824Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance
MissouriSale of Checks and Money Transmitter LicenseMO-23-8837Missouri Division of Finance
NebraskaMoney Transmitter License1911824Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance
NevadaMoney Transmitter LicenseMT11189Nevada Financial Institutions Division
New HampshireMoney Transmitter License23868-MTNew Hampshire Banking Department
New MexicoMoney Transmission License1911824New Mexico Financial Institutions Division
North CarolinaMoney Transmitter License192884State of North Carolina
North DakotaMoney Transmitter LicenseMT103777North Dakota Department of Financial Institutions
OhioMoney Transmitter LicenseOHMT202Ohio Department of Commerce
OklahomaMoney Transmission License1911824Oklahoma State Banking Department
OregonMoney Transmitter License1911824State of Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services
PennsylvaniaMoney Transmitter98009Pennsylvania Department of Banking
Puerto RicoMoney Transmitter LicenseTM-141Commissioner of Financial Institutions
Rhode IslandCurrency Transmitter20224297CTDepartment of Business Regulation
South CarolinaMoney Transmitter License1911824South Carolina Office of the Attorney General
South DakotaMoney Transmitter LicenseMT.2209South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation
TennesseeMoney Transmitter License1911824Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions
TexasMoney Transmitter License3209Texas Department of Banking
UtahMoney Transmitter License180Utah Department of Financial Institutions
VermontMoney TransmitterMT-1911824State of Vermont Department of Financial Regulation
West VirginiaMoney Transmitter LicenseWVMT-1911824West Virginia Division of Financial Institutions
WyomingMoney Transmitter License7282Wyoming Department of Audit, Division of Banking