Additional Fees for RentGrow Tenant Screening Services (AF TSS)

Version: September 15, 2022  

Tenant Screening Services. The latest version of these Additional Fees for Tenant Screening Services (AF TSS), which will be updated from time to time by RentGrow, Inc., is incorporated into the agreement or terms of use that apply to the Tenant Screening Services you license.  

The following fees are for additional optional services:

$50.00       Business Credit Reports

No cost*    International Credit Reports (*Optional service for individuals with no US credit history. There is a $50.00 fee paid for directly by the applicant by credit card. Availability is limited to participating countries and the credit card used must be accepted by the processor.)

$6.00         Guarantor Screening Reports (includes credit history, civil court records, and RentBureau rental history records)

The following fees are offered for re-certifications, renewals, occupant-only, guarantor, and other similar services.

$1.00         SOR (Sex Offender Registry records, where available)

$1.00         OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control) list checks (if applicable includes possible matches to the Consolidated Sanctions List Data Files as maintained by the US Department of the Treasury)

$6.00         National Criminal Records search

$6.00         Supplemental Criminal Records search (applicable in AL, CA, CO, DE, ID, LA, MA, NV, SD, VA, WY and Washington D.C. due to the limited criminal data reported by agencies in these locations to national criminal records furnishers)

$8.00         The Work Number automated income and employer verification

$35.00       The Work Number SSV (Social Services Verifier) automated income and employer verification for housing program eligibility. A charge applies for each employer record found.  There is no charge if no record is found.

$3.50         The Work Number SSV Lookup Fee. A charge applies for each lookup, regardless of whether a record is found.